Let's turn what you know into income without the exhausting hustle!

Ambitious, ingenious soul - you have a huge heart, deep wisdom, a thirst for inspiration, a wish for freedom and a desire to create impact and legacy.

It is my honour to welcome you to the Thrive Factor wisdom portal, a place where you'll find an abundance of opportunities to turn your ingeniousness - the intersection of your lived and learned experience and intution, plus your ambition and desire to do things on your own terms (we call this your rebel path) into profitable income streams, contributing impact and more.

We might call it a portal but think of it as a virtual place where there is expansive wisdom. Where you are learning and celebrating in sync with a growing number of women the world over.

You will also find an expanding number of free resources, paid programs, guided live and self paced learning opportunities to support you and your business to tap into all you know and activate thriving.

I stand for people across the world knowing

  • it is your birthright to thrive
  • you can make amazing and expanding money leading a business you adore
  • there is always an easier way
  • your wisdom (your lived, learned and innate experience) is a huge part of the profit you can and will make
  • you can live free of the shackles of beliefs there is something missing or wrong or that needs fixing in order for you to be a success
  • the more YOU, you are, the easier everything becomes
  • you are already more wise, more inspiring, more magic, more abundant and destined to thrive than you ever imagined

Each learning opportunity and resource is tied in some way to the cornerstone of my work, the archetypal framework changing the way women relate to themselves and the world. The Thrive Factor Framework® and her 12 archetypes are a window to new ways for you to understand yourself and your reason for being.

The Thrive Factor Framework ® is simple yet so powerful, enlightening and accurate, and reliable because it draws on the ancient psychology of women claiming their birthright; to thrive.

When you weave the Thrive Factor Framework® and your unique profile of Archetypes into your business and life you set yourself up to experience an inordinate amount of effortlessness and that, dear sister, leads to an increasing state of thriving.

I can't wait to hold the space for you and be of support and guidance as you yourself, claim your power as a thriving business woman and celebrate with you every step of the way.

Wishing you an abundance of effortless success,

Shannon x

(your cheerleading Biz Yoda)

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Acknowledgment of Country

Thrive Factor Co acknowledges the Whadjuk people of the Noongar Nation as the custodians of the lands where Thrive Factor Co is based. We wish to pay respect to the Whadjuk Elders of the past and present as we connect and learn. We also acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which you are based as consumers of our content, programs and coaching. 

Available Products

Free Assessment: Discover your Leading Thrive Factor Archetype

Discover Your Leading Thrive Factor Archetype and begin learning a whole new way of honouring the impact you are here to make while expanding your business, being totally you!

It's 100% free to take the Thrive Factor Archetype assessment and this information is

  • pure reliable and relatable psychology
  • has been refined over more than a decade of real-life use with women in business & leadership worldwide
  • is sooooo much easier to understand than some of the trendy profiling & self-discovery systems out there right now

If you're the kind of woman who takes all the quizzes, loves to discover everything she can about herself from Disney princess type to spirit animal and your boss babe style, starting your Thrive Factor Archetype journey will be a breath of fresh air.

Get excited as you're about to meet this key Thrive Factor Archetype and understand the role she plays in your business.

She can totally transform the way you relate to yourself, your business and the world, in the best possible way.

She's just one of a potential 3, 4 or 5 Archetypes that may be part of your Thrive Factor Profile. You can meet all your Archetypes in a Thrive Factor Experience, a 1:1 private profiling session with Shannon or one of the Certified Thrive Factor Profilers.

The Abundance Paradigm - Masterclass Series

The Abundance Paradigm was a 3 day live & free masterclass series held in August 2021. You can now access it as a self paced learning experience.

Day 1: money & mindset
Day 2: your innate thriving money blueprint
Day 3: coding in abundance

I’ve been actively learning about and teaching money and abundance mindset, strategies and practicalities for over a decade. In the early years of my business, I began investing in learning about the things that overwhelmed me most. Money was high on that list!

It’s not something that overwhelms me much anymore.

Not because I’m abundantly rich (although I feel abundantly rich irrelevant of my bank balance!).

Not because I sell out all my programs every single time I put an offer into the world (although I do know how to sell and have fun selling).

Not because I know all there is to know about money (although I still surprise myself with how much I’ve learned and actioned over a long time now!)

But because I continue to invest in learning.
I choose to be open to receiving.
I choose to trust.
I choose to challenge my previously strong held beliefs.
I welcome abundance daily.
I celebrate every cent I earn as though it’s a million dollars!

Because I choose to have a thriving relationship with money despite the relationship I could have had based on my money story.

Because I truly believe women leading businesses they adore, doing what lights them up, is a path to financial freedom.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve learned so many new things.

And in the last 6 months, I accelerated that learning even more.

Particularly around the paradigms that have existed about women and money. I can’t wait to share my fav parts of the learning I’ve done and the actions I’ve taken in this new free experience.

Invite your business friends to join you by telling them about The Abundance Paradigm free 3 day masterclass series and inviting them to register. It’s free.

Closer to the time we go live you’ll be able to register for

> a daily thriving money play sheet with key learnings from the daily training
> an abundance expanding audio with added Biz Yoda wisdom created just for you
> a daily Thriving Money Afformation

Wishing you a wealth of abundance.

Shannon x

Profit Maven Masterclass Series

This 3 part masterclass series was recorded live in March 2022.

It was an impactful immersion experience where I teach the foundations of one of my all time superpowers, turning what you know (your wisdom) into income streams, and profitable ones because that's where it's at when it comes to thriving!

A profitable business is what I hold as a vision for you, no matter your business, your wisdom and your experience in business till now.

💰 Profit: a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something

👑 Maven: one who is experienced or knowledgeable; a connoisseur, having expertise (a wisdom woman!)

Masterclass 1: You as a Maven
Masterclass 2: Expansive income streams
Masterclass 3: The Wisdom is Profit Formula

Enjoy Profit Maven.

Free Masterclass: Impact - Using Archetypes to Transform Your Ideal Client Experience

Free live masterclass teaching you how to use Archetypes to transform your ideal client relationships

it's all happening on

Monday 22nd November at 11am AWST /
1pm AEDT / 2pm AEST / 4pm NZ
Sunday 21st November at 9pm US EST /
6pm US PST

click the button to register

Free Resource: 6 Steps to Expand & Elevate using Afformations

Find things don't flow how you hope despite your big bold goals and dreams and desire for more freedom and ease?

Tried mindset reframes, affirmations, visualisations, dream boards and more and yet you continue to feel stuck and frustrated. It's time to try something different.

Afformations are my favourite way to interrupt unhelpful thinking and beliefs and reset myself to expand and elevate!

  • Get access to my 80 favourite Afformations for Mindset, Money, Marketing and Magnetism; the 4 M's of Momentum
  • Learn what Afformations are and why they are important
  • Discover how to create your own so you can use this incredible tool over and over again
  • 6 Steps over 6 days so you can deepen your learning and take action one day at a time

Sign up below to get instant access for FREE

Thrive Factor Profiling - Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone

A Thrive Factor Experience is the ultimate permission giving, women's only profiling encounter you'll ever discover.

You'll meet online one on one with The Thrive Factor founder Shannon Dunn to meet your Thrive Factor Archetypes.

The significant benefit of investing in a Thrive Factor Experience is having the opportunity for Shannon to tailor your profiling session to where you are at in life, career or business right now. You will receive an overview of each of your Archetypes and have Shannon share powerful insights into the interaction between each of your Archetypes.

Shannon has been using the Thrive Factor Framework with women from all over the world for over a decade, connecting them with themselves in a beautiful way that creates expanding inner confidence, clarity, focus and self celebration.

These days she is joined by a growing number of Certified Thrive Factor Coaches, licensed graduates of her certification programs delivered via the Thrive Factor School aspect of her business.

Vision Journaling: Wild Ambitions Becoming Real

40+ practices to take your journaling experience to a whole new level of expansion!

You'll receive an email with your access details so you can dive in and journal with abandon as soon as you confirm your purchase.

Each day you'll receive a new journal practice direct from my vision journaling treasure chest. Pick and choose what you feel most drawn to try and create your own supportive treasure chest to support your mindset, your energy, motivation, and more.

Magnetic Marketing: Take Your Message from Average to Impactful with Benefit Statements

So many smart, creative women in business want to make a big impact and work with incredible clients. Yet they can find it hard to connect in a way that turns someone from interested to "here's my money!"

Magnetising your message comes down to the way you communicate the benefits of what you sell! Learn how to craft engaging, converting benefit statements so all the words you use in your business are working to support your prospects to say "YES please, you're exactly what I need!"

The Flow Paradigm - Self Paced Program

Create powerful amplified flow in your life & business; a self paced program with Shannon Dunn.

Includes access to the Thrive Factor Archetype Profile assessment and your personalised profile report valued at $280.

Inspirer Believer Thrive Factor Archetype Masterclass

In this 2 part masterclass series, Thrive Factor Framework® creator Shannon Dunn, shares the highlights of the Inspirer Believer Thrive Factor Archetype.

Masterclass 1 was a live wisdom experience to meet the Inspirer Believer.

Masterclass 2 was a live Q&A for individuals registered who joined Shannon live in July 2022 to participate in this session.

Includes a workbook and other resources to support your learning experience.

The Podcast Masterclass

A live masterclass hosted on 1st March 2023 sharing the key strategies and considerations to set yourself up for Podcast success as a host or guest.

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